40-kilo restaurant ice maker

The 40-kilo restaurant ice maker , as its name and dimensions indicate, usefull for semi-industrial and restaurant use. a 40kg ice maker is also suitable for home use and can be used for personal use. The body of the ice maker is from stainless steel and this is a unique beauty.

the 40-kilo ice maker system is fully automated and does not require specialized installation or commissioning. To use this ice maker, just plug it in to the power, it will produce ice cube in the shortest time. This ice maker is the best ice maker in terms of efficiency and is usable in restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and more.

The 40 kg Aztech Ice maker has an output window to view the inside of the device. The ice maker has the ability to produce an ice mold for about 15 minutes and stores them in its Buck. This ice maker can hold ice for several days without melting it.

One of the features of the 40kg Aztech restaurant ice maker is a one-year guarantee and ten years of after-sales service. This warranty and after-sales service are not available in any of the ice makers in the Iran. The 40 kilo Aztech's ice maker warranty guarantees the consumers confidence in supporting the device for several consecutive years.
40-kilo restaurant ice maker
40-kilo ice makler
aztech 40-kilo restaurant ice makler
restaurant ice maker features

located inside the cabinet

The 40kg Aztech ice maker, due to its suitable width and width, has the ability to fit inside the cabinet, this is does not have a negative effect on the operation of the ice maker. You can easily put 40 kilo Aztech ice maker into your kitchen cabinet.

Fully automatic operation

The ice maker operation is completely automatic and starts to work with water and electricity. When the ice buck is full, the ice maker is turn of and when the ice in the buck is reduced, the machine automatically generates ice cubes.
The 40kg ice maker has a low noise reduction technology and is very suitable for public and private use. Ice production in this ice maker only occurs during the final ice exit and does not show any noise during the operation.
work silently
The ice produced by the 40 kilogram ice maker is of an acceptable quality and has a high cooling rate. One of the advantages of ice produced by Aztech ice makers is their crystallinity. Many Chinese ice makers produce ice in white color.

Production of crystalline ice

One of the advantages of Aztech ice makers is having a one-year warranty and ten years of after-sales service. The warranty of this product makes it easy for the user to use the device for a breakdown. The ice maker warranty starts at the time of purchase and lasts for one year.

warranty and after-sell service

restaurant ice maker film
40KG Aztech ice maker AIM9015
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