15kg home ice maker

15kg home tablecloth cheap ice maker

15kg tablecloth ice maker
15 kg cheap ice maker
home ice maker features
This ice maker is being used in other places, such as hotels, coffee shops, bars and more. This ice maker is being used in other places, such as hotels, coffee shops, bars and more. The ice maker's system is automatic and begins to produce ice by entering the water into its reservoir.

One of the characteristics of the 15 kilo household ice maker is easy transportation. Depending on your needs, you can easily transfer 15kz Aztech ice maker from one place to another.

The second feature of this ice maker is the ability to produce relatively high ice volume. The production of high-volume ice in this device is done with very low energy consumption. 15 kilo Aztech Ice maker can produce a massive amount of ice for you, given the low power consumption.

The internal body of the Aztech's ice maker is made of ABS and its external body is made of stainless steel. The exterior of the device does not rust due to its stainless steel and does not lose its beauty. It should be noted that the outer body of the machine is scratch-resistant.

Due to the fact that the inner compartment of the ice maker is isolated , it is very easy to waste the energy inside the buck, and if left unattended, the ice remains in the buck for several days without changing the appearance inside the enclosure.
This ice maker has the ability to convert juice and syrup to ice cubes.

Convert juice to ice

The ice maker has product cube ice in two sizes. produce ice in two size is very practical for people who use ice for domestic consumption. you can make and use a small or large ice cube depending on your consumption.

Ice production in two sizes

The outer body of this ice maker is made of high-quality stainless steel. The body of this device is robust and resistant to factors such as scratches. Due to its steel properties, this home ice maker never experiences problems like rust.

Exterior body of the ice maker

The body of this ice maker is made of ABS. The internal body and the buck of this ice maker are made according to the instructions of the health directives. The internal body and the buck of this machine are made according of the health directives.

internal body of home ice maker

this ice maker the least amount of noise and vibration during operation. At the moment, many Chinese ice makers on the market They make noise and vibration. this is not good for people.

Function without Sound

15kg tablecloth cheap ice maker film
15KG Aztech ice maker AIM9010
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