10 KG mini ice maker

10-kg ice maker is designed for limited use by the Aztech Company. This ice maker has a small dimension and buck, due to its small size. it has a lower buck capacity. The Aztech ice maker is designed for use in residential homes and easy to use. To produce ice, with a small 10 kg Aztech ice maker, just supply the water and plug it into the wall outlet.

The outer body of an ice maker is made of 10 kilos of stainless steel, which is very strong against natural factors. Due to the unique beauty and dimensions of the device, it can also be placed on the kitchen. It should be noted that this ice maker has the least amount of noise and its function does not cause interference with audio.

The inner body of the 10kg small ice maker is made of ABS. The body of the ABS is good for this ice maker, because its not harmful to human health.

The ice-making process in this ice-maker is fully automatic and, when the Buck is filled up, the operator knows the device through sound production. After the Buck is depleted by the operator, the ice production process is performed automatically by the ice maker.

this small ice maker has a one-year warranty and ten years of after-sales service.
Small ice maker
10kg mini small ice maker
mini ice maker
mini ice maker features

Small dimensions

10kg mini ice maker is suitable for use in tiny small houses, due to its small size
This small ice maker has the ability to produce ice in two different sizes. The ability to produce ice in two different sizes according to the needs of the users to this ice maker is added. You can use small or large ice cubes for your own use.
this ice maker is fully automatic. The ice production mechanism of this device is automatically switched off when ice is refilled buck , and if the ice in the buck is reduced, it will turn on and fully automate the ice production operation.

automatic operation

Convert juice to ice

The 10 kilo Aztech small-ice maker has the ability to turn juice and syrup into ice. Some users, especially Coffee Shops, tend to produce ice from juices. The feature is listed in the 10 kg Aztech mini ice maker specifications.

the lowest noise and sound

This ice maker has the least noise and sound when operating and producing ice cubes. With expert reviews, Aztech ice makers are the least sounding device among external ice makers and its use in quiet areas is suggested.

different sizes

10KG Aztech ice maker AIM9015 -MINI
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