10 KG ice maker
10KG Ice maker

What are the characteristics of the aztech water dispenser ?

The Aztech water cooler and water dispenser is one of the most powerful water dispensers in Iran. These water dispensers are manufactured under the license of Italy and exclusively imported in Iran by Eskandari Industrial Group. Aztech water dispensers have very reasonable prices and can be used in various places such as homes, residentials and offices.

One of the Aztec water dispensers is the ability to connect to urban water and bottle to provide hot and cold water. The advantage of connecting to urban water is that you can have cool water any time. if you are faced with water scarcity, not worry about it and you can use bottle to make cold water.

As mentioned, these devices are designed and manufactured in dual-mode and three-mode. Dual mode water dispensers, in addition to producing cool water, can produce hot water for making of tea and other hot drinks. But in three-made water dispensers, there is also the possibility of producing tepid water.

about Aztech home and restaurant  ice makers ...

Aztech ice makers are also among the most powerful ice makers built in Turkey under the license of Italy. These ice makers are produced and sold in the market in different types of home, store, restaurant and industrial, with different capacities. These devices have the CE European standards.
Aztech heaters have the lowest power consumption among other electric heaters in the Iranian market. These heaters also produce moisture in addition to providing heating to the place. The Aztech electric heater is able to transmit hot air at distances away from the installation site. Another feature of the Aztech electric heater is its ability to install on the wall.

Characteristics of Aztech Electric Heater

In addition to import of fantasy water coolers, Eskandari Industrial Group produces single tap , dual tap , trine tap and quadric tap metal industrial water coolers. Industrial water coolers of this company are made by non-magnetic steel and are stainless. According to Eskandari Industrial Group survey on Turkish Aztech water coolers , this company is producing high quality steel water coolers.
These water coolers can be used in offices , schools , mosques  , publics , factories , workhouses ,malls and anywhere you need to make healthy and cool drinking water. 

Steel and Metal Water coolers of Eskandari Industrial Group

Basic training for use of Aztech Ice maker and Heater

How to use Aztech ice maker

The use of the Aztech ice maker is very easy ...! To use the device, just plug it into the power socket and water. The supply of 10 and 15kg ice makers water is handled manually, but the 40kg and 50kg ice makers have the ability to connect to urban water and can supply their water from the tap connected to them. The ice production time in the Aztech ice maker is about 10 to 15 minutes, and it can be said that Aztech ice maker produces ice every 15 minutes. Please note that these ice makers, in addition to producing ice cube, have the ability to produce frozen fruit and can also be used to produce ice cream cubes of juices. aztech ice maker can hold ice for up to 2 days from the time it was built.

How to use Aztech water dispenser

Aztech water dispenser has the ability to connect to tap, or a separate source. to use the Aztech water dispenser, it should be connected to the wall outlet and supply the water needed. for buy The source of water for mineral drinking water you can be obtained from reputable supermarkets; so if you are interested in using mineral water, you can use The source of water. After connecting the water source and the power supply, the water cooler system is turn on fully automatic and starts to provide cooling water and boiling water. The refrigerator of water dispenser also does not require adjustments, and, by connecting the entire deflector to the power supply, they start cooling the internal chamber. A dual-mode water dispenser has the ability to put disposable glass of water inside it.

How to use Aztech heater

Aztech electric heater does not require any special settings and can be used to connect the machine to the electricity; for adjusting the heat, the variables are located on the electric heater, which can be reduced or increased by rotating them.
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Aztech is one of the most reputable companies in the field of heating and cooling appliances manufacturing. It is a leading company in producing all kinds of home electronics and has 3 decades of experience in the manufacturing of heating and cooling appliances. The products of this Turkish company are very diverse and include all household, store and office uses. The sample of the company's products includes: home ice makers, water dispenser and water coolers, electric heater and … .
Introduction of aztech ice maker and Water cooler
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Regarding the entry of non-original and non-quality Chinese goods into the Iranian market, we decided to obtain the official representation of the Aztech products from this Turkish producer exclusively. You can buy a variety of electric heater , home and restaurant ice maker , store and office standing water dispenser with the Aztech brand in Turkey from the direct importer of the product. These products are imported exclusively from Eskandari Industrial Group to Iran and have a one-year warranty and 10 years of after-sales service. with 25 years of experience for building heating and cooling devices, Eskandari industrial group is unit selected and superior manufacturing in the North West of Iran.
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Aztech Ice maker and Water Dispenser